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Antiqua Circe is a new brand born from an idea of ​​Silvano Giovannoni, a young 33 year old entrepreneur already active in the perfume sector since 2010,
known for Aqua di Sperlonga and even earlier for the production of private labels on behalf of third parties, in the fashion and artistic perfumery sector, throughout Italy.

During his experience, Silvano has acquired all the knowledge and professionalism, combined with his great passion, to achieve his goal:
convey the love for the territory through the olfactory concept. He has created perfumes that contain typical notes of the territory of the Riviera di Ulisse.
Each fragrance is an emotion and a memory of this territory.
Among these notes, Bergamot stands out, there is Jasmine, Neroli, essences of the Mediterranean scrub. It then also went beyond the territory with particular olfactory experiments such as Ancient Opium, Rhum and Cigar, Leather and Teak and Orange, Chocolate and Rhum, highly appreciated and selected for sophisticated environments and studios, beyond the space of the house.

Each fragrance is the result of careful and passionate research and increasingly refined manufacturing techniques over the years and the basis of success
of his creations lies both in the quality of the essences and in the home made which aims to preserve Italian manufacturing.
The line was named “Antiqua Circe” because it goes to honor the sorceress Circe, enchantress and immortal icon of a territory that narrates the deeds of Ulysses,
the exact concept that Silvano wants to convey through these fragrances. Territorial, immortal and enchanting perfumes.