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Why some fragrances last and others don’t

There are many reasons why we feel that some fragrances last longer than others.

1. Your skin type

A very acidic skin reacts chemically with the perfume and makes its evaporation faster, while a skin with an oily tendency, and therefore with the presence of oils, helps to retain the odorous molecules, making the fragrance itself more persistent.

The same diet tends to influence the evolution of a perfume on the skin.

2. The quality

The raw materials used in the creation of the composition, if of good quality, undoubtedly “remain” longer than the others.

Antiqua Circe is very careful in the choice of raw materials and our creations are of high quality and persist in their olfactory note.

It must be added that it is above all the structure of the fragrance that determines its duration: a composition in which the top notes prevail will certainly be perceived first by our nose, it will immediately strike us with its fresh intensity, but it will remain less long due to its less persistence.

Conversely, a perfume whose dominant facet is found towards the base of the olfactory pyramid, and therefore in which the base notes prevail, develops slowly but envelops us in an embrace that can last a few hours, if not even a few days. This aspect plays a very important role in the choice of perfume according to the use to be made of it or to one’s own tastes.


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